Friday, 30 July 2010

UKIP wins appeal

As the BBC reports quite fairly UKIP has won its appeal against the Electoral Commission's appeal against the original judgement.
The UK Independence Party does not have to forfeit all of a £367,697 "impermissible donation", the Supreme Court has ruled.

UKIP received the money from a donor who was not on the electoral register.

The party was initially told to forfeit £14,481 but that was increased after the Electoral Commission took the case to the Appeal Court.

UKIP's victory at the Supreme Court lifts the threat of financial ruin that was hanging over the party.

But it represents a defeat for the Electoral Commission which was pressing UKIP to return the full amount donated by retired bookmaker Alan Bown.
Lord Pearson greeted the news by reminding everyone what UKIP's task is: to get Britain out of the EU.

Iain Dale posted his support for the decision and his worries about the Electoral Commission and the way it makes decisions.

For those who are interested, here is a link to both the judgement and the press summary.


  1. "But even I did not foresee just how cynical Cameron would turn out to be -- and how dangerous therefore to the British national interest.His speech in Turkey has now laid bare the fathomless shallowness and frightening ignorance and idiocy of Britain’s new Prime Minister."Weep for Britain

  2. With the greatest of respect Lord P. you need to be making more noise beyond your sterling and valuable work in the HoL (pity poor Dicey, spinning like CD in his grave, as he sees what wears the name HoL these days).
    UKIP must assault the blogosphere, treating the election campaign as though it had already started. All UKIP candidates should start blogging now (many already do), covering local and UK issues, so as to show a real person rather than the pretty rosette that the big 3 will parachute in, fresh from some PR firm or think tank. Public forums, in which the likes of yourself and Lord Monckton regularly appear to hold your own, will help to show you are real people, not another vacuous smile on a vacuum tube.
    Can I suggest you continue the SOD THE LOT campaign, with different faces of course ;) ?
    I'm afraid the BNP are better on the streets than UKIP, so please take the blogosphere, it won the NOs in Holland and France.

  3. Well done UKIP, very pleased to hear this. It also sounds as though the Electoral Commission is another corrupt quango in need of urgent reform.

    However once again I must disagree with SandyRham's call for more emphasis on blogging. Bloggers have their place but far more important than candidates locked away in a room thumping a keyboard are face to face meetings with potential voters. It's important not to forget that.

    One thing I'd really like to see is UKIP organising local meetings with people across England where UKIP can explain their stance on issues of local concern & answer questions on more general topics.

  4. Hey Rob, who said either/or?
    Both are valid. I'd be most unresponsive on the street or at my door, whereas a thoughtful essay I could stumble across at any time. Words on a doorstep or in the street are gone as you say them, so they need time-intensive repetition. Words in a blog, however, stay like apples on a tree attracting the peckish.
    If you have the time and motivation to pound the street in all weathers then my respect to you, but I, being poor, have only my forums, drop by, for you may enjoy them.

  5. "In short it should be quite obvious to anyone that Icelanders don't want to join the EU. An application for EU membership should never have been made".Brussels Journal

  6. Claire of the family Doyle4 August 2010 at 14:45

    Well said Rob, though I do have to agree with Sandy though, we cannot all be stret walkers and hand shakers now can we? This media is a powerful tool ans should be used to the limit by all UKIP people. Congratulations Lord Pearson, I am so glad that you put into words what I feel. And the way you use the English language should make us all proud to be English. Please get us out of the EU.

  7. What a corrupted world we live in!!!!!!!

  8. Great News, now we can move forward and start the fightback to reclaim our Nation. We need to start now, and make sure every citizen hears UKIP loud and clear.

  9. Can we have some links on this blog to other websites?

  10. Fined £150million for failing to fly the EU flag: Now British firms are told how to fight back:Daily Mail